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Mary Caddick's Creative Process Courses

Mary has a new course starting in Bridport very soon and I cannot recommend this enough!

If you are stuck, or never had the opportunity to get started with art making , then this is just the perfect course.

It's not about techniques, materials or processes, but about the way you develop your ideas, the way you reflect on what you have done and how you make the next step. It's amazing how much ground you cover in the 5 days.

It's proper hard work, it's proper playing, for grown ups.

Read the information below and then contact Mary

Course: CREATIVITY FOR LIFE - level 1 

Venue:  The Yellow Room, The Chapel in the Garden, Bridport.

Dates: 11 - 15th July 2022

Times: 9.30am - 4.00pm

Fee: £ 295

Materials: All materials + refreshments are included in the fee


Contact:  07557 275 275



workshops in creative process and self-expression




This course celebrates creativity, its life force and the insights it brings.  We begin life creative and curious, but this can become inhibited or blocked.  Self doubt and fear of failure are common experiences.  


Whether you are an artist, designer or novice, rediscover the earlier stages of creativity and learn to play again; take risks, have fun, release inhibitions and give the inner critic a holiday. 


RESTORE: We are all creative, but we sometimes need a safe playground with wise, experienced guidance to restore our confidence to play. As we become more aware of and less judgemental about our creativity, we move away from habitual reactive patterns of thought and behaviour, and begin to create more freely and authentically.  Creative confidence can be learnt and the blank canvas becomes a gift rather than a dread.


EXPLORE: Warning, this course can change your life!  Our creativity can surprise us and take us in unexpected directions as we shift and flow and discover our real voices. Changing mind-sets and looking afresh takes motivation, courage and effort. Commitment and trust are essential. Laughter and tears accompany us. The group becomes a rich source of discovery. 


MORE: Creativity is a constant journey, a spiral.  Discover what you need to maintain feeling liberated, refreshed, creatively restored, unblocked and confident.  Keep a course journal or make a treasure-trove of ideas, tips, aids, prompts, experiments to take away with you. Plan a project, go forth and flourish.


How this works:

There will be a series of guided exercises using a variety of supplied art materials.  Regular group discussions offer the reflective process through which ideas are shared and developed.  About 70% of the time will be hands-on work with materials and 30% for discussion.  A supportive and playful environment develops. Skilled creatives benefit from the beginner’s fresh approach as much as the beginner benefits from the skill and experience of arts practitioners.  Art materials are the main working medium of the course, but participants are encouraged to take their creativity in any direction: writing, performance, film etc. The focus of the course is not about making ‘Art’ nor about teaching technique or theory, and it is not Art Therapy, although all of these might be discussed.


The workshops are carefully crafted with clear boundaries to offer a variety of experiences with plenty of opportunities to get messy or tidy and to try out alternative ways of working. Individual and group work will be explored and there will be prompts to work with scale, various materials and time limits.  Expect the unexpected and change ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. 


"Mary’s course is a full-scale immersion in the possibilities of creativity. A stimulating journey through  ideas, activities, and materials, The excitement did not let up for one minute and i came out buzzing….and a rather different person to when I went in.”

P.K. Course participant July 2021

“Unique, unmissable, challenging, yet in a wonderfully nurturing and safe space.  Loved every moment.  Helpful in moving on as well as questioning and reflecting upon my creative practice.“ (course participant)


“I learnt more about my own creative process than in six years at art school.“ (course participant)


Mary Caddick


To be creative is to be alive, which is why I am passionate about my work. 


BA from Central St. Martins, London. 


Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths’ College, London.  


MA in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies from the Tavistock Clinic, London.


25+ years teaching at Central St. Martins.


Mary’s 35 year career has seen her working as an exhibiting artist, art therapist, creativity coach, art school tutor and workshop leader.  Mary was co-founder + course tutor of the Post Grad Certificate in Learning and Teaching Architecture, UEL.

Mary has been developing and leading workshops in Creative Process and Self-Expression for 30 years.

Contact:  07557 275 275

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