If you're in Bridport, you may have seen portraits popping up all over the place, or you may have seen this poster? or maybe not!? Info about the project is below, and scroll down further for  my contribution - an invitation to make faces using bit's and bobs that you may have lying around your house!

The Portrait Challenge has launched! Have you drawn yours yet?


Over the next few weeks The Portrait Challenge is a way for us to celebrate seeing each other again by painting or drawing the faces of people we have missed and people we love. It is a chance to make our treasured friends, family and neighbours visible by putting our portraits in our windows and turning our streets into an art gallery!

This is for everyone. Up until 31st August we challenge EVERYONE young and old, to draw, paint, scribble or sketch each other and populate our town with a mass gathering of US!

So how does it work? It’s very simple. Just draw a portrait of someone you know then put it up in your window, or on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #theportraitchallenge. Try drawing yourself, your family, the shopkeeper, the bus driver, the delivery driver, your next-door neighbour, people working in shops, your pet – or all of them. Perhaps you might like to ask a local business to put one of your portraits up in their window. 

Simply have a go - follow #theportraitchallenge - like and share share share - tell your friends, family and neighbours - and spread a smile!

Championed by: Bridport Rights Respecting Town and The Lyric Theatre (with a contribution from funds raised in the recent Curtain Up on Communities Crowdfunder)

With additional support from: Bridport Museum, Magna Housing, SEAFAIR, Bridport Open Studios, Bridport Contemporary Gallery and a growing list of fabulous supporters.

Visit the lyric theatre's website for more information, as well a facebook , instagram or twitter to see what's happening

Here's my invitation to you.... make a face out of the bits and bobs you
have lying around. This is all the people I didn't get to meet over lockdown... ooh, which reminds me, dont forget to come to Bridport Arts Centre on Thursday!
More info here
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