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Hello, my name is Jo Burlington, I am an artist and I live in Bridport.

I initially trained in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University and then went on to do an MPhil in Practice Based Performance Research at Brunel University. I worked as an artist in London for several years. I made performance art, videos and installations. I was involved in the artists collective OMSK, we put on many experimental art/film/performance/noise/music events and I was often the compere. I then had a change of heart, re-trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist for a few years. I now have an 11 year old son and am bringing these bits of myself back together. 

I started running these groups because I wanted there to be a group like this in Bridport. I was surprised that there wasn't one in Bridport to be honest. ....   I want the kids to be able to fling paint around, roll in it, ride a bike through it, and do it to music... so I had to make the groups happen myself. I've been doing it for over 8 years now and I am still loving it!

I have made a small website for my own work but I update my instagram page much more often, you can find that at @joburlingtondrawings . 

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