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The Longest Drawing Challenge

After 3 months of lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I suddenly got an urge to set people a drawing challenge via my facebook and instagram pages. This was what I posted....

I also shared some images from Art History as well as from contemporary artists to get people thinking and encourage them to play with the ideas, and to show them that they could interpret the challenge in lots of different ways.

If you are on your mobile, click on each image for the info...

Richard Long - Line Made By Walking

Richard Long, Line made by walking. Richard Long is a Land Artist, he has done lots of interesting work, google him and see what you think

Piero Manzoni

Piero Manzoni made this very long line and put it in a tin. He was one of the first conceptual artists, back in the 1950's. He also did a poo and put it in a tin.... and sold it!

Monika Gryzmala

Monika Gryzmala uses thousands of metres of tape in her drawing installations. She is a contemporary artist, here is her website

Nazca Lines

This is one of the drawings in the Nasca Desert. They are so big you can only see what there are of, from the sky.... but they were made hundreds of years before there were any flying machines!!

Rebecca Horm

Artist Rebecca Horn made these really long fingers, maybe she will try and draw with them? She has made lots of interesting body extensions, you should check her out.

Oops wow art club

This was an Oops Wow Family Art Club in the woods - we had so much fun drawing with string!

Tony Orricco

Tony Orricco makes drawings that explore and push the limits of his body. These drawings take hours.... and they must be exhausting! Here is his website

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