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Following a successful pilot (see here) Jo Burlington worked with Bridport Youth & Community Centre and managed to gett some funding and we made The Amazing Drawing Festival 2.0 happen, this time with an extra day specially for grown-ups. The day for families on Wednesday 12th April was a massive success with 150 children coming throughout the day, with their grown ups. Many stayed for hours having a go at all of the different ways of drawing on offer. The grown-ups day on Saturday 15th April was a lovely event, with 55 adults coming in and having a play. See below for more info and pictures of that.

At the family day we had:

'Flying Drawing', 'Make a Show' and 'Tape it Up' running all day with Jo from Oops Wow Messy Art.

'3 D Collaborative Drawing' running all day with Eileen Haste of Ripple Workshops.


'Charcoal Craziness' with Veronica Hudson

'Shoes Off Drawing' with Angie Porter

'Make a Paper Flower Garden' with Claudia Dharamshi

'What's in The Box' with Louise Riley

'Draw on Draw with' with Claire Nuttall


It was such a thrill to see so many people excited to draw. There is clearly a massive appetite for this type of opportunity to play and explore. Please click on the picture then scroll through to see some pictures of the day

The day for grown-ups was so lovely. At the pilot we encouraged all people to come along and join in, not just families and not just the kids. It was so busy though, that the adults inevitably deferred to the kids. So this time we made a time for the adults to play and there were no kids, it was our turn!

For the adults we had:

'Flying Drawing' , 'Tape it Up', and 'Foot Drawing' all day with Jo from Oops Wow

'Make a Paper Garden' with Claudia Dharamshi

'What's in The Box' with Louise Riley

'A journey through natural form' with Helen Garrett

'Drawing with Dust' with Claire Nuttall

'Noughts & Crosses' with Angela Latham

If you would like any more information or would like to be involved in the next one, please get in touch Please click on the picture below then scroll through to see what we got up to... 

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