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Entries to the Longest Drawing Challenge

After 3 months of lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I suddenly got an urge to set people a drawing challenge via my facebook and instagram pages.

I aksed for 'The Longest Drawing' but what does that mean?

To find out more about the challenge, go here

Here are the entries.... some are from children and some are from grown ups....


The Mabilia Family (Lola (3), Henry (1), Lucy & Jamie had a great time taking their lines for a drive!


Fun and stylish work from Lily Gordon age 11. This one took 4 days, I think you can tell.


A pure conceptual piece from George Gordon age 9. I was so happy that someone went for this approach.


Here is my Bob, Bob Burlington age 7 with a massive green anaconda.

This drawing is as long as a piece of chalk. It's by Sam Griffiths, he is a designer, he is really great at playing with bits of recycling and random scraps you find round and about, you should follow him on instagram

**Prize Winner **

This line goes all around Jared Breadon's house, it even get's thrown out of the window which is a bit alarming! what an adventure.


Rocky's Racetrack, super dynamic action painting from Rocky Adams age 6.


Watch Out Bridport! Kasska Casey-Lim (8) has made a 4.15m reticulated python... with authentic sound effects.

This was me, Jo Burlington, drawing a piece of string. You can see more of my work at


**Prize Winner **

Lots of long sea creatures from Annie Maudsley age 8. Some lovely observation in these drawings.


Artist Yvonne Foster sent in this amazing piece that she made last y ear. It's an intensley worked drawing on an old pianola roll. It took hundreds of hours to make and it's 17.55m long... which is around 3 giraffes tall aparently. Here is her website


So much colouring in for this 32 inch snake from Grace Harwood (year 6)


**Prize Winner **

Artist Carrie Mason made this drawing on the longest day (Saturday 20th June). She started at sunrise and didnt stop until sunset! can you imagine it.... isn't it beautiful. Carrie does lots of durational drawings and performances, she lives not far from Bridport. Here is her website

This Line by Ridley Breadon (12) takes us through over 2000 years with various things happening but all leading up to the arrival of Chop, the rescue dog!

Artist Sally Lemsford made this mysterious line.... where is it going? Sally is always up to something, her website is


Here's a late entry from Jessie (5) and Faith (7) Barr... an Invisible Line, an Old Line and a Long Line.

3 thoughtful and beautiful lines!

What a great selection!! Has it inspired you to make a really long drawing? the competition is over but I'd love to keep adding to this gallery! do take a look at the ideas I posted in the original challenge, here .

I may also do another challenge soon, follow my facebook page or instagram if you want to stay up to date.

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