Upcoming Sessions & Events

I am not running any in person sessions at the moment because of the Lockdown. I have been running some art sessions for kids over zoom since Christmas and have really enjoyed doing these.

I have decided to do another zoom session over half term:


Let's play!  You wont need any materials, just stuff from your house.
Clear a space on your floor and join the call.

This will be good fun for kids and grown ups of any age.

Please email me jo@burlington.me.uk and I will send you a link to the zoom call.

It is a free event.... I just want some friends to play with!

You are welcome to make a donation for the event if you like. You can go the my new ko-fi page www.ko-fi.com/oopswowmessyart

Very Important: You do have to promise to help put everything back where you got it from when we finish though.

I have also made some Oops Wow Art Play Boxes so that you can have some oops wow art fun at home, you can get them from my new Etsy Shop  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JoBurlingtonArt . Go to the Oops Wow Activty Packs section, there are now 6 to choose from.

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