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Upcoming Sessions & Events

See below for information on upcoming events.....I have been a bit quiet on the events recently but have been making plans in the background. There are some fun things brewing for later in the year... If you would like information about these to arrive in your inbox,  email me and I will add you to my mailing list.

A WORLD OF ART - Fully Booked
Tuesday 13th February 10 - 11.30
Bridport Youth & Community Centre
£7 per child (for age 3-8yrs ish)

This event is now fully booked.

Inspired by artist Paul Klee, we will take a line for a walk, we will make a drawing as big as the hall. Then, we will fill it with dens, palaces, islands, crocodiles, bridges, storms and stories.

Come and have some classic Oops Wow fun with Jo and Jessica. This one will be good for kids age 3 to 8yrs ish, older kids are very welcome if they are into it. A parent/ carer needs to stay and join in and it actually won't be messy at all this one.

This one isn't funded at all and everything has gone up so I'm charging £7 per child; please let me know if you really want to come along and can't afford it though.

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